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Welcome To the Home of the School-Time Mysteries!

Whether you stumbled upon this site, or were referred to it by a friend, you may be wondering what this is. Well this is a site devoutly devoted to The School-Time Mysteries,a series of short stories that I write. Check out the history behind the stories on the "About All This" page,as well as site history. Check out the "J Files" and download a mystery to read and keep with you all the time!And don't miss out on some heart-to-heart talk on the Author's Blog. Here on the home page you'll find all the update info you'll need including a quote of the month. There is also a guestbook you could sign as well. This is highly recommended.

What's New(s)??

3-17-12:'s been a coming soon! 

1-18-11: Happy Belated New Year! I finally updated the quote...and to update from the last update, i never got around to the mysteries. I got one out and thought about it though! Hopefully soon I'll get time to revise one and you can have one for Valentine's Day! 

12-23-10: Ok, I know I neglected the site again,but i promise i've been sorta more busy. Still, give me credit for updating the quote  before Christmas. And I promise to start work on revising the sophomore year mysteries this very weekend. I wanna get my hands on The Stalking Shadow again.

11-4-10:Have I seriously neglected this fine site for 2 whole months? Really? I'm sorry. I guess life was busier than I thought. Well I am back. Nothing new to report...yet. I have thought of a plot line I could add to the freshman I may revise that yet again..but I suppose i should do the sophomore year first....stay tuned! I did update the quote at last...and spruced up the history of the site section on the "about all this" page.

8-13-10: Happy Friday the 13th! I bring you good luck by updating the quote and uploading the last of the revised Freshman year mysteries! *confetti!* In this "lost mystery" our heroes are called upon to find an invisible man. Is he real or just a figment of someone's imagination? Find out in "The Mystery of the Dillusional Kid" on the J Files Page under the Freshman Yr file! 

7-19-10:2 newly revised mysteries are up! In one, strange "ninja burglaries" are confounding and terrorizing the school. Garrett has a hunch as to what the ninja is after,but will he and our heroes survive a duel with the robber? Find out in "The Mystery of the Karate Master!" 

In the 2nd mystery, our heroes hot summer gets even hotter when the AC at the school breaks down. The situation grows curious when they find that the culprit is a giant feather. What foul fiend has perched on the school now? Find out in "The Mystery of the Feathers!" Both are on the J Files page under the Freshman Yr file.

"Hippie by the Jeep"

A friend of mine gave him that title. Poor fellow. Below is a picture of me..why it isn't above,don't know.

Quote of the Month

Lauren-"Wow, first Mista Bowas, and now Mr. Farnsworth. Who do you think's next, Kayla?"
Kayla- "Why? Do you wanna take bets or something?"
"No, I was just wondering...Hey Kayla, we gave a gangsta name to Mista Bowas, but what about Mr. Farnsworth?"
"Well, what do ya suggest?"
Lauren-"How about...Mista Fawnswoth?" --(Chapter 9--the novel)

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